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How can I help you stress less?

I'm so excited to start this online resource (ok fine, maybe its a blog) in a few weeks! I've made my living as a chef for the past 12 years and most of that time has been focussed on helping busy people manage dinner in their home kitchen and streamline their refrigerators.

Many friends and visitors to my home have commented that I run my home kitchen a little differently. I'm employing techniques, making lists, utilizing storage procedures and cooking skills in ways they aren't yet comfortable doing themselves. Literally everyone I ask has some stress and frustration surrounding mealtimes at home. Their pain points range from menu planning to leftover storage, grocery shopping to finding good recipes and countless issues contained in between.

After selling my personal chef/catering business earlier this year, I've been searching for my next step. How can I use the skills I've mastered, the network and the resources I have to make a difference?

My answer is this blog. I wasn't planning to start today, but two things happened:
FIRST THING: The election is over and the result is terrifying on so many levels. The biggest fear I have is for the health and future of our planet. I do believe we can get through any presidential term, no matter how horrific, but ONLY if we have a habitable environment. People are calling for action and saying to channel anger and fear into something constructive. So....lets start doing something!
This blog is to help you waste less food (see my mission statement) at home, which is SUCH a simple way to take a positive step to help our planet. You don't need government approval to get started. Join the pledge and make a small change at your next meal!

SECOND THING: was published today via Chowhound! I figured I should introduce myself, ask you to follow me and interact now! Why wait? In the next few weeks I'll be putting together videos, recipes and tips. I'll be back after Thanksgiving to launch for real with weekly content. In the meantime, drop me a line!

What do you want to know? How can I help you motivate to #wastelessfood? What other tips, tricks, advice, concerns would you like ask a professional chef who is dedicated to easing the load in your home kitchen? If I use your prompt in a post, I'll send you a really sweet #EndFoodWaste tank or tee (I'm obsessed with custom tanks recently, thanks to Kate and Design Like Whoa)

Email me, connect on social media below, sign up for the RSS or subscribe to the email list!

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